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Self Storage Units To Overcome Security And Accessibility Issues


The two major issues that come with self storage units are security and accessibility. Everybody wish to have their own storage space, so that no one can get access to it except you. Depending upon your budget considerations, you can hire self storage service providers with excellent security features and 24/7 access facilities.

Security factors to consider

When we talk about the security of storage units, the best service providers just not only make use of camera, but they also employ sufficient amount of security personnel and make periodic parameters check. They can be stricter while accomplishing identification checks when you enter into storage unit premises. This technique seems to quite inconvenient and you may also feel unnecessary if you visit regularly. Yet these security measures are still welcomed those who have greater sensitive materials as well as valuable items to store in self storage units.

On the other side of matter, many people really don’t need high tech security system which comes along with expensive rates which doesn’t make any sense. Anyways, having a good level of security is pretty much essential because there are chances of thieves getting into old items even though they are not particularly valuable. So, never opt for a storage unit that is not at all properly fenced and unguarded.


Accessibility options

While speaking about accessibility to self storage units, the best unit is the one that allow you to open the unit irrespective of the timings. Anyways, a number of storage unit companies have staff managing the premises during the night time. In fact, they close their gate during night time to provide utmost security. Likewise, there are plenty of ways to get access to storage units during day time. In turn, it reduces the man power costs without needing to compromise with the security issues. Obviously, this gives much lesser accessibility.

On the other side you should also determine how important it is to get 24/7 access. In case, if you have old furniture in your storage space, then you will not this level of accessibility. The same holds true for more valuable items as well. Rather paying premium for accessibility, instead it would be better to pay premium for security and even on climate control security features. If you are using the unit for the sake of your business, then getting 24/7 access is of utmost important.